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This one took me substantially less time to draw, but I wanted to see how quickly I could do it - and it shows. Still, it conveyed the concept and once I finish a piece, I won't revise it unless there's a serious error (like a missing tail). I actually did make some corrections to the first picture, which is why it was completed after this one.

Drawing completed - 05 OCT 2005
Drawing posted - 10 DEC 2008

20 JUNE 2001 Wednesday - 1330
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Otterstow Canal

Simply put, Grace loved Simon. However, convention dictated that whatever affection they might have for each other now would have to be shelved when they grew older. The social order demanded that Simon would eventually have to find some nice Bitch Wolf with which he could be paired off for life and Grace would find a suitable Buck Hare. The world they lived in, she had been told, would never approve of her being romantically involved with him, much less married. Grace, always one to revel at flying in the face of convention, thought such ideas were complete and utter prattle. She followed her heart where it led, damn the consequences and those who advised her to do otherwise.

"Found something?" asked Simon.

Simon's affection for Grace was mutual. They had never overtly stated this fondness for each other, neither to themselves nor to anyone else. As for each other, there was simply no need, as it was clearly understood. In regard to the rest of the world, Simon was justifiably afraid of the consequences of publicly revealing his feelings for Grace, the least of these being branded a furvert. It was not a fatal epithet, but it was far from desirable. Grace could not care less about the opinions of others, but she cared a great deal about Simon, thus she did her best to keep their affair secret.

Their efforts at secrecy, unfortunately, met with mixed results. Otterstow was small, and, as is usually the case in small towns, it was nearly impossible to hide anything so plainly obvious to even the most casual observer. Thus it was that Simon suffered a great deal of ribbing from his ostensible friends who kept enquiring as to why he was spending so much time with a Doe Hare instead of the few available Bitches in the neighbouring villages and towns. No one dared to confront Grace as they feared her wrath, which occasionally bordered on the violent.
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